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Racial and gender imbalance in recruitment in Montreal

According to the latest Canadian census carried out in 2016, the over-all unemployment rate in the Montreal region for people with a university degree was 5.7 per cent. But when the figure is broken down, the unemployment rate was 10.2 per cent for visible minorities"


Why is your 1st job out of college the most important one?

It should be to find the right fit, recognizing the importance of choosing a role and company that will position them for success.


Your Career Legacy Starts Here

Recent grads who end up in jobs that didn’t require a college degree are five times as likely to still be in such a position five years later, compared with those who put their diploma to use right away.

Your first job serves as a springboard for your professional future. This can either help or hurt the newly employed. For example, if you land a job as a business analyst for a Fortune 100 company, you’ll likely have a better career trajectory than if you were working as a house painter or door-to-door knife salesman.


NA: Your first job is arguably the most important job or your career because your first job will influence your entire career your first job will determine your network your connections and it really sets your foot into the world of industry and professional experience.

In my opinion I think the system is broken in a way that it shouldn't be the students who act as job Seekers .when your recent grad you shouldn't be looking for jobs, the company should be approaching you as someone who is highly skilled as someone would highly valuable to them so that they can have you on board and have you help them in their mission. it shouldn't be a bunch of recent graduates applying for 50 jobs to 100 jobs a week and hearing nothing from 80% of them. At job fits we are enabling that shift we are enabling the change to a better with system where the recent grads can spend time while they have their first job they can spend time learning better skill they can spend time improving their soft skills rather than applying for individual roles one by one and taking a check the box approach in job applications 

By having Relationship with the University's and Academic Institution, We can only have companies we can partner with companies that are the best places with the best cultures to allow recent graduates and young professionals to grow their companies that have special training program these are generally the companies that have a campus recruitment team but we are moving towards a shift to automation everything is going electronic and it is time for campus recruitment to we also done automatically and intelligently at the same time we are also only endorsing companies that really care about diversity and inclusion in their hiring this can be a plus sign for the companies in terms of their image in terms of their PR because for job Seekers it is really important that you work in a company that cares about diversity inclusion and it is the same for customers and various stakeholders so it is a win-win situation because both the companies and the universities will benefit from this once they get a partnership with drop its They will receive a dni supporter  certified  badge  to Showcase their valuing diversity and inclusion. this is particularly important for universities like Concordia with a large number of international students that can potentially be hits hard or discriminated against when it comes to finding a job after graduation 

You know the first job out of college really serves as a springboard it affects your professional future decision makers of Academy Institution I believe if your goal is to make sure your graduates land better jobs after graduation or a higher percentage of your graduates find job after graduation and these are two separate and both important issues you really need to look at job searching way before graduation graduates should not be looking for jobs only once they graduate this is a process that should start before graduation which is why withdraw Fitz and platform like the one that's we are offering students were close to graduation in their last semester can already start making their profile which will be visible without your name two big companies and recruiters this will make sure that the process of job searching starts before the students eat out of school and therefore it gives them a head start compared to other graduates from other universities so that once they're graduated they don't need to accept any job just because of financial reasons.



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