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At FITS, we are passionate in providing IT solutions to real-life problems. Living at this day and age, we have been fortunate enough to have experienced the emergence of technology but at the same time, the abundance of information available has made us more aware of the problems faced by society. With that at the back of our heads, we set out to solve some of these problems using technology.

According to the Internet Users Survey 2017 published by The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), only 35.4% of the internet users found it was convenient to apply for jobs online. The current jobs portals mostly act as a platform for potential employees to connect with their preferred employers through the job advertisements. This convenience has created a phenomenon where an employer may receive a high amount of applications but within these applications, there is a combination of both qualified and unqualified candidates. Qualified candidates may then have a potential of being overlooked while employers may feel overwhelmed and resort to other forms of recruitment such as through recruiting agencies or internal recruitment.

Even though technology has made job application process for employees and recruitment process for employers more convenient, another type of problem could be seen to have emerged. Our solution is then aimed in resolving the problem by connecting the right
employees with the right employers and vice versa. The solution is simple, employees and employers put their information in the system, and with these inputs, our in-house algorithm will then match the correct employee to employer and vice versa. This way Employers don’t get overwhelmed by the number of employees requesting the job. Moreover, only qualified candidates are introduced to employers. And finally, Employees can sit back and relax and wait for a match, no need to search and read job advertisements. This way they will never miss a job, and they will be considered for jobs that become available every day.


Let employers come to you

To help you with your job search, the Job Match feature will match your profile with job postings. Your specific criteria (skills, education, experience and location) are matched to job postings requiring similar criteria. Employers can see your profile and invite you to apply for the job.


For Employers, get your free postings and potential candidates

For Employers, get your free postings and candidates now. Just register with us and we shall contact you with matched potential candidates information.


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FITS stands for financial industry talent search. However, initially we shall run as a general talent search portal.